Sunday, 24 February 2013

Killed of 4 In Bangladesh by Police

Manikganj singaire haratalakaridera clashes with the police and the villager killed and four.Islamic law samamana 1 at the time of this post Sunday, police clashed singaira osisaha member injured several police said.The incident 4/5 of the villagers accused has filed singaira police station.Super Stock Manikganj police. Ali Hossain Mia said, was 11 at the gobindala of this conflict is.Confirmed three deaths in the conflict. Dhaka Medical College Hospital but died after bringing one more.Bring some of the injured have been admitted to Medical College Hospital enama Savar.Singaire Sunday in Manikganj get killed during the police and gramabasidera sbajanadera ahajari.Singaire Sunday in Manikganj get killed during the police and gramabasidera sbajanadera ahajari.S throw from the police found a clear statement. Claim sbajanadera injured, the police as well as students and yubaligakarmira second shot.Esapi, he was wounded in the police members.The deceased were identified as - Alamgir (35), najima Uddin (5) and Shah Alam and Nasir Uddin (6).Alamgir and music scene and in the hospital after najima died. The shot killed the locals said.Singaira upazila health complex resident medical officer Khalilur Rahman told The toyentiphora, three dead in the hospital.If you bring nasirake but he died in Dhaka Medical College Hospital.Nasirake their employee's claim khelaphata drum. Mohammad Shafiq Uddin yugmamahasaciba group said in a statement this claim by saying that the play's more.The Dhaka Medical nasirera nephew told, was gobindala market nasirera store.Get khelaphata Manikganj on Monday summoned party's murder. The programs have been demonstrations across the country.Locals said, was to sell its 7 gobindala supporters of the movement that restricts the location of the road. The obstacle is that the police raid.Reciprocal violence persisted in installments. At one point, a group of local police added.I get 11 at supporters rubber bullets and tear gas by the police to earth chore.Super Police said they would fix haratalakarira assault on the police to protect ainasrnkhala 'is required

Baimelaya fire pureche of 5 stalls

Book a portion of the Bengali Academy premises immortal little fire burn approximately 5 stalls.Robabara the fire in one part of the baimelara pukuraparera dhirendranatha Complex.

I quickly extinguish the fire phayarabrigedera several cars. Nebhanora sewage pond is used for the fire. However, it's already burned from 6 up to 305 units of 5 stalls.

The fair committee member and professor of Dhaka University proctor Amjad Ali, a fire was 0 - 5 at booth fully burn.

'Jamayatake of our hatred. Not ligao ' 'Jamayatake of our hatred. Not ligao '

Jamaat-e-Islami movement against sahabagabirodhi but their involvement was rejected by Assistant Secretary-General Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh khelaphata hamidi., He said, with his party Jamaat has no unity., He said Sunday, "It does not come with the question of unity. We hate the jamayatake Related ligao tatatuku not hate. "We do not know where to turn conflict with Islam. We do it with our hearts. "Ekattare birodhitakari the Jamaat Islami, with many disputes are typically dalerai. Shahbag emeute birodhitakari The fourth movement, the movement of all other parties to confuse execution of the war. They say, from their own ban on stage emeute claim The movement of the group 'isalamabirodhi, argues that the other parties are confused. ekattarei continue the same process to kill it - rape - ravage the report of the fourth emeute comments netaderaganajagarana fourth-isalamabirodhi' activation charges after a Friday prayers in praise of musallidera emeute from the world stage History is, that it - was Shibir incitement said. musallidera I killed the four police. All across the country on Sunday's share of post samamana 1 team, which is a khelaphata movement. Jamaat-e-Islami and BNP support in the back. Khelaphatera involvement in violence on Friday claimed Mujibur Rahman said, "None of this violence in Bangladesh khelaphata ghatayani. However, there may be a large rally in the intruder. Those derivatives mess. "Islam is not a religion of violence, then, he said. Sell promptness in calling out the most at any of these parties could, however, was haratalabirodhi country-wide rally. Kamarangiracare khelaphata dokanapatao open movement can be seen all around the Central Office. Vehicle traffic was normal and the everyday life. These issues Mujibur Rahman said, "We do not like violent politics. We're keeping us peacefully. "Rally from the Central Office if you plan to block the police allegedly said....

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dr. Mridul Kanti Chakrobarty died in labaid hospital in Dhaka

Noted singer, instrumentalist, writer, researcher, music critic and Professor at the department of Music, Dhaka University in Bangladesh Dr. Mridul Kanti Chakrobarty  15.08.2011at  Labaid Cardiac Hospital in the capital. He was 56. Dr. Chakrobarty was severely dehydrated
Manikgonj Detective branch  arrest 5nos killer arrest and send to detention for 10days. , he killed g celebrated filmmaker Tareque Masud and ATN News CEO Ashfaque (Mishuk) Munier, he drive the bus hig speed and killed  five peoples. He lives in  Jamir, of Daulatdia in Alokdia union of Chuadanga Sadar Upazila
After arrest he say I drive the bus properly and microbus run high-speed, jamir is driver of Paribahan in Chuadanga  

Road accident died Bangladeshi freedom fighter film maker masud and his colgue

Bangladeshi Freedom fighter flim maker tarek masud died in road accident last Saturday 14th agust 2011 he is searching his new film maker location.    

Friday, 10 June 2011